Xero Insights

Xero holds so much valuable data. We wanted to help you make the most of that value.

Inside of Xero is so much information surrounding your invoicing, payroll, tax, and general accounting. This information is so valuable and provides serious insight into so many different facets of your organisation. We wanted to combine this data with our other sources in the database of our choice, so we created Xero Insights. Now, we’re sharing it with you. 


Create custom reports, in line with your organisation's specific needs.


Consolidate reporting across each division of your organisation.

Ready-to-go Dashboards

No setup required, your dashboard is ready to go.

Smart dashboards help you get the most from your financial data.

We’ll work with you to create additional dashboards, allowing you to filter the information you need, where and as you need it. Xero Insights comes with default dashboards like Profit & Loss, Cash Flow Projection, and Employee Timesheets. Different organisations have different needs and business questions though. We can work with you to create custom dashboards to filter the data you need.

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All your data, in one spot.

Use Xero Insights to blend Xero with your other operational data and find all the essential data your organisation needs in one spot. You can even analyse data from multiple Xero accounts at a glance – without having to export this data from Xero periodically. 

Get full support with your Xero Insights subscription.

When you subscribe to our Xero Insights platform, we’ll spend some time with you, offering you support as you get set up and ensuring you’re getting the right subscription for your organisation. This means ensuring you have the correct dashboards, the right amount of users, and have received all required training to make the most of the platform.

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Why Xero Insights?

Ready-to-go dashboards

Easy-to-use dashboards without the need for complex setup. When you subscribe to Xero Insights, we’ll set you up with dashboards that filter data as you need them to, so you can find the information you need, at a glance.

All your Xero accounts in one dashboard

Have multiple operations or organisations? You can view all your different Xero accounts in one dashboard.

Enjoy custom reports, answering exactly what you need

Stop rummaging through different generalised reports. Download the specific reports you need, based on real-time data, filtered by you and your organisation’s specific questions.

A fully managed platform

Your Xero Insights platform will be hosted, maintained, and managed by us. It means you can feel confident knowing your platform is always up-to-date and running at its best and you can access support as you need it.

Local support, whenever you need it

Xero Insights is a KeyData-developed platform. Based here in Brisbane, we’re able to provide you with local support from the experts who created the platform.

Unlock better data analytics.
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