Technology Partners

Positive partnerships with the world's leading data platforms.

The team at KeyData maintains positive relationships with the world’s leading software and data platforms so we can offer you the very best. Our relationships allow us to remain at the forefront of what’s possible in the world of data and analytics. 

Queensland’s official Tableau Trainer

Tableau for better data visualisation.

Create a data-driven business with Tableau. It’s a platform supporting organisations of all sizes to harness the power of data with better visualisation and understanding. Our partnership with Tableau allows us to support you through a greater understanding of your data and empower your team with better tools.


Our clients unlock never-before-seen insights and opportunities through Tableau.

Tableau Logo


Our certified Tableau Trainers can take you and your team through the entire Tableau suite.

Licensing & Consulting

We'll help you find the right license for your needs and provide support along the way.

Managed Services

We'll manage your Tableau server. With a strong focus on governance, you can trust we have it under control.

Health Checks

We'll continuously review your server and provide you with insights, ensuring you make the most of your subscription.

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Unlock better data strategy with snowflake.

Get the flexibility, performance, and insane scalability from the snowflake platform. You can easily load, integrate, analyse, and securely share data through this platform. We use snowflake to support our clients with data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development, and for sharing and viewing data in a secure space.

Access & Share Data

Discover and share live, governed data across your business.

Unify your data

This integrated platform allows you to unify and silo data.

Totally Secure

With modern data governence and baked-in cloud security, your data is secure.

Empower your Business

Drive your business forward with data-based insights.

Automate data warehousing with WhereScape.

Automate the building of data warehouses and access organised data at a moment’s notice. WhereScape allows you to prototype, load, and populate data before producing detailed, technical documentation. It’s simple to manage, simple to optimise, and allows you to continue building your business with smart analytics.

WhereScape logo


Don't stress about development times. Automatically-generated code speeds this process up.


Create a data-driven business and run data-driven projects with WhereScape's capabilities.

Fast-Track Projects

Automated processes and streamlined insights allow you to fast-track projects.

Cut Costs & Risk

No more integrations and infrastructure waits. Automation cuts cost and eliminates risk.

DataRobot Logo

Transform machine learning with DataRobot.

Empower your organisation with the knowledge you need. DataRobot gives users like business intelligence managers and organisation owners alike the tools they need to build highly accurate, predictive models quickly. There’s no need for a high level understanding of machine learning or programming. DataRobot takes care of it all.

Accelerate your learnings

Drive value through AI. DataRobot makes it simple to unlock results, fast, with no real machine learning knowledge required.

Better Productivity for Data Science

Data scientists can do more with DataRobot. Its tools like R, Python, and Tensor Flow streamline how you use data.

Accessible for Everyone

DataRobot makes the knowledge and principles of machine learning from world-class data scientists accessible to everyone.

More Accurate Predictions

Machine learning and open-source algortihms allow for more accurate predictions at scale.

Let us help you take advantage of the World’s #1 CRM, Salesforce

We will help you to streamline your business processes and make sure that you can take advantage of all of Salesforce’s capabilities including out of the box features, custom developments, and integrations!

salesforce logo

Certified Experts

All our Salesforce consultants are certified experts. This means you can rest your mind knowing you are in good hands

Ethical Approach

The advice we provide is always honest and in your best interest. We don’t care about making a quick sale or pushing a new product, rather we believe firmly in making sure you have the right advice and the right capabilities for your needs

Flexible and Collaborative

We are flexible and can work around your existing priorities. Want to engage for a large project? Or perhaps a series of smaller steps? Get in touch and we will work out a plan that suits you

100% Local Delivery

Unlike others, our Salesforce implementation and support team are locally based in Australia

DBT logo

Trusted by the best data teams.

DBT is a transformation workflow that lets teams quickly and collaboratively deploy analytics code following software engineering best practices like modularity, portability, CI/CD, and documentation. 


Transform your data where it lives, whether your analytics data is stored in a cloud warehouse, data lake, lake house or beach house – you can transform, test and document it with dbt.

Version Control & CI/CD

Deploy safely using dev environments. Git-enabled version control enables collaboration and a return to previous states.

Test and Document

Test every model prior to production, and share dynamically generated documentation with all data stakeholders.


Write modular SQL models with SELECT statements and the ref() function– dbt handles the chore of dependency management.


Protection policies on branches ensure data moves through governed processes including dev, stage, and prod environments generated by every CI run.

We're your technology partner and we're always looking for robust, enterprise-ready tools to bolster how you use data.

Our team is always scanning the data landscape for the very best platforms. So, when you come to us with a problem, we have the right solution for you. We only partner with platforms that lead the way through innovation. It’s more than finding the right tool, though. As your technology partner, we ensure these tools are simple to implement and deliver results.

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