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Our professional data services see us create simple solutions to complex problems.

From dashboarding and visualisation of your data to the creation of data warehouses and data architecture, our team of data specialists empowers your organisation. With a focus on enabling you to make better-informed decisions faster and streamlining how you operate with data, our professional data services are here to make a difference.

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Data Discovery, Business Process & Data Mapping.

Data analytics is all about driving direct business value. So, we spend time with you and the stakeholders that know your business, getting to know it, your processes, and your systems, to ensure we get the correct data to best answer your business questions.

From here, we can derive a matrix – basically a smart data structure – that defines your analytics priorities in line with your business goals and data accessibility and feasibility. This provides clarity and sets reasonable expectations for each stakeholder from the get-go.

Dashboarding, Visualisation & Reporting.

Say goodbye to pivot tables, spreadsheets and reports and enhance your business intelligence with automated dashboards. Dashboards help businesses to sustain and increase sales, target new markets and understand customer demographics with views that compare data across time, and examine several metrics from different data sources


For management, dashboards provide clarity on how the business is performing, from project management to sales or inventory, the applications are vast.  

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Data Warehousing.

Data warehousing allows you to build, automate, and govern your business’ data assets. It’s a centralised source of indisputable information, provided through data. It means everything your team needs to make decisions, streamline processes, and understand your organisation is in one central spot. 

Gain new insights and perspectives on key pillars of your business, as well as your people, operations, and customers.

Data Architecture.

Data architecture sees us create a solid framework based on your team, your technology landscape, and best practices in the field. We always create these frameworks in line with your business’ long-term goals, ensuring we’re providing value at each stage.

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Health Checks.

Have you invested in analytics? Make sure you’re aligned with industry best practices and that you are building a path to success with our health checks. We can help you ensure that you’re getting the expected return on your investment on:

Data Management.

Analyse complex big data with ease. Our data management service sees us create architectures, policies, and processes that allow you to manage and understand the data lifecycle in your organisations. We’ll develop policies and procedures that help your team navigate this process with confidence.

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Data Governance.

As part of our data management service, we’ll consider data governance. This is all about how your data is managed in your business. Who owns it? Who should be able to access what? How are you protecting this data? Does the data comply with all relevant regulations? Don’t worry, we’ll help you answer all of these questions.

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