Machine Learning & AI

Use data and proven insights to improve your business with Machine Learning.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the keys to rapidly opening up new insights about your business. Working with our technology partner DataRobot, our team of Data Scientists leverage industry leading software to create clever, automated processes that draw insights from your data and produce predictive analytics at scale and fast.

Machine learning identifies opportunity.

Machine learning uses smart algorithms to make predictions about your business with your data. At KeyData, we look at machine learning and AI as an investment for your business — one that pays dividends in the form of saved time, improved processes, and data-driven decision making, enabling you to focus on the opportunities identified.

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We create scalable machine learning models.

By using best in breed technology platforms like DataRobot, we can help you to  begin making decisions based on data fast, allowing you to focus on the key components that will grow your business. The strength of predictions and the relevance of the insights you receive will scale as your business does.

How we create value through machine learning

Step 1

Discovery Phase

We start by getting to know you, your team, and your data. We’ll outline early ideas for what your business questions might be.

Step 2

Business Case

We’re big on the return on investment we offer you. As our partnership progresses, we’ll help you capture value from data within a detailed business case that outlines and assesses the opportunity.

Step 3

Proof of Concept

With a basic framework and PoC together, we’ll begin securing small, early wins to support the framework we’ve developed and to validate the potential ROI.

Step 4


With the information gathered from the PoC phase and a better understanding of where we can find value in your business for you, we’ll deploy models into production, allowing you to monitor and govern the models.

Step 5

Adoption Support

Managing the change in systems can be a shock for your team and there’ll be some adjusting to do. We’re always here for you as you get used to it, give us a call at any time.

Why machine learning?

Data-backed insights to understand your business

The biggest benefit of machine learning and A.I. is the information it provides you with. No matter how involved you are in your organisation, as the volume of your data grows there are things you're going to miss. With machine learning, we can help you rapidly identify the insights in your business, and organise the insights into easy-to-understand dashboards that update as your data updates.

Create better return on investment

Machine learning is an investment for your business. Use your data to identify opportunities in your organisation to improve customer experience, reduce churn or uncover hidden behaviour patterns. Then monetise those opportunities to create serious R.O.I. for your organisation.

Save money & increase revenue

Your data is valuable. By using advanced machine learning statistical models, we can help you to rapidly identify opportunities to increase revenue.

Jump on opportunities as they arise

The way we set up your machine learning and dashboards means that insights are wasy to see and understand. This allows you to identify opportunities within the data that you can jump on sooner.

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