Embedded Data Consultants

We've got your back end (and the front, too).
We take the risk out of it.

What’s the point in paying for robust software and data solutions if you don’t have the time to optimise and maintain them? We personalise our Virtual Data Team service to you and your organisation so we can keep your environments up to date, optimised, and performing as they should. This way, you can keep working on your business.

We're your outsourced data & analytics team.

Just like an internal team, but with more robust knowledge, experience, and capacities. Maintaining a business intelligence team internally — let alone building it — is challenging. Especially while you’re running your business. By partnering with KeyData, you can access an entire team’s worth of professionals, skills and experience, and robust resources.

We eliminate those common issues that teams in this sector experience — high turnover, low capacities, and a general skills shortage.

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Business Continuity & Infrastructure Support

Keep your data moving & safe.

We’ll maintain your business intelligence platforms, technology, and infrastructure to ensure your systems are operating and collecting data as they should. Our business continuity service is all about keeping your data moving and ensuring your business continues on. We’ll make sure your technology platforms, including programs like Tableau are up to date and properly tuned to gain the most value and insight. Our team monitors your platforms and infrastructure to ensure they’re optimised. 

Infrastructure Support.

We make maintaining a healthy server simple. Our team will monitor the health and performance of your servers, whether computer-based or in the cloud. Leave all those tasks like monitoring memory and harddisk space, and completing operating system maintenance with us. 

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Platform Hosting

The host with the most reliable and stable environment.

At KeyData, we know cloud computing and our Virtual Data Team service means we can care for your business intelligence platform. You can leave your hosting with us and we’ll keep the data in your cloud secure while keeping the server and other resources optimised and properly tuned. 

Expert Support

Our team is constantly developing their professional knowledge so we can offer expert support across each area of business intelligence.

We're across it

We keep up to date with advancements in technology, new products, and updates to existing products — so we can support you with the latest technology.

Problem Solving

We have the team, the expertise, and the positive industry partnerships to solve your problems as they arise and support you.

Transparency, always.

We're transparent with you, always. Transparent in the technology we use and why, as well as how we use it to support you.

Why choose us as your Virtual Data Team?

Leave it with us & get back to business

We're an extension of your team. So, you can leave your data and business intelligence with us. Stop tinkering away in Tableau and get back to what you do best — running your business.

Access to local support

We're experts in data, technology and business intelligence. So, you can feel comfortable leaving your platforms in our hands and getting in touch any time you need support. We're always here when you need us.

Ensure your platforms & technology are at their best

With a dynamic team of data and software experts, we're always in the back, monitoring and tinkering with your technology. It means you can feel comfortable knowing your technology is up to date and running at its best.

Transparent Advice

While we're able to recommend a range of software solutions and platforms, we're not tied with any. It means you can count on us to be totally transparent with you in each piece of advice we offer.

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