Code of Ethics

Everything we do is centred around data. In fact, our company vision is to see every organisation master how they use data.

Our Code of Ethics informs how we make decisions.

Each member of the KeyData team relies on our Code of Ethics to guide us as we make important decisions. It’s based on four principles:


  • Is it legal? Is it right?
  • Does it fit with our ethics?
  • Is it in line with our values?
  • Does it advance, empower or support our client?
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A man and a woman discussing whats on their computer screens

We’re big on doing the right thing.

Doing the right thing isn’t just about legality and compliance in our field. It’s about empowerment, support, and longevity. It’s about sharing our knowledge to make a difference across a range of industries and organisations. However, in adding value and sharing this knowledge, it’s still important that we’re doing this the right way.

The highest ethical standards.

We operate with the highest ethical standards. We’re constantly reassessing our approach in line with the ethical, right thing to do. We prioritise diversity and inclusivity in both our teams and our relationships. We work agnostically, meaning we’re always open to finding the very best software solutions — not just the platforms we’re partnered with. 

But most importantly, we take responsibility for our actions, our outcomes, and our approach, both as individuals and as an organisation.

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The code that keeps our team accountable.

Our values


Draw on and share knowledge.


Build trust with our clients and our partners.


Foster fruitful relationships and collaborations with clients and partners.


Empower and enable organisations through analytics.

Progressive & Continuous Improvement

Continuous progress is about challenging what we know.

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