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We're here to transform every business we partner with by empowering your people to master data.

The team enabling yours through analytics.

KeyData was founded by David Keys back in 2013, with one central mission in mind: enable Australian organisations to leverage analytics to compete better in their local markets and build resilience through technology. 


Today, we’re focused on solutions that put you and your people at the centre. With a human-first approach to data and enablement, our team provides a uniquely personal service.

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We work closely with you.

When we team up with you, we become an extension of your team. We’re not just here to deliver a one-size-fits-all service. You’ll have us check in with you periodically to find out how we’re doing and to discuss moving goals and targets as well as your ever-evolving needs. We’re your trusted partner in data, and while we’ll work autonomously to keep delivering those valuable insights, you can trust we’ll check in with you as we progress.

At the core of any organisation is its people. If you empower the core, you empower the company. We empower our team and yours through data, technology, and knowledge.

How we work
with you.

We're transparent with you.

This is a partnership. We take an open and collaborative approach to data and enablement, so we remain transparent in all that we do.

Our team is here to enable yours.

We have a purpose and it's centred around you. Our team is focused on supporting you and it starts with enabling you to make the most out of data.

We believe in data.

Data makes your business better. Our passion for data, enablement, and for you translates into better results harnessed through intelligent analytics.

This is an open, honest relationship

We value maintaining open and genuine relationships with our clients. We're always honest with you, even when it's tough.

Diversity is power.

Diversity brings a wealth of different experiences to the table and drives open-minded collaboration, so we hire with diversity in mind.

KeyData is a team of expert data consultants.

Backed by 15 years working in data and technology at IBM, our Founder, Dave Keys was a leader in his field across Asia and APAC.  He was one of only a handful of subject matter experts globally at the time. So, when he founded our data consultancy, KeyData, Dave had one powerful vision in mind – what if every business knew what he knew?


What if every organisation in Australia were using their data like he knew they could? And what if every one of them could realise the power and potential they had right at their fingertips?

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Today, we help businesses thrive with data.

Since then, KeyData has grown from strength to strength. Now with an incredible, diverse group of experts, our team are still working tirelessly to realise that same bold vision: to enable and empower every client we partner with, to leverage data analytics, and above all, to make the very best use of the most powerful asset they hold: their data.

It's our vision to see every organisation master their data. A world where businesses everywhere are making bigger impacts and better contributions. We'll start by helping you master yours.

The values that support our vision...


Knowledge and data go hand in hand. Knowledge is power and we believe the foolproof way to gain knowledge is to collect data. 


We take trust seriously. We know it's a lot to trust us with your data and with your business intelligence. You can trust that we won't let you down.


Relationships are vital. The relationships we share with you and the relationships among our team. Together, we can win with data.


We want you to be able to thrive without us. It's our job to empower and enable you. That means giving you the vision and knowledge to understand your own data.


We're always working to improve and progress our product and we're never done. We value continual improvement and you will too.

We're Tableau Partners.

Our roots are firmly planted in Tableau enablement. We’re continuously exploring and driving enablement in the Tableau space to expand our capabilities. Our team builds positive relationships in this space so we’re able to access expert advice and support for you, no matter which stage of the data life cycle you’re at.

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Revolutionising an Industry. How we created TracknAct.

Tracknact is a real-time monitoring platform for temperature-sensitive products, created by KeyData.

An intuitive platform using world-leading trackers to optimise quality, reduce wastage and mitigate risk in sectors where temperature counts.

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